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27th May, 2015
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Ever thought how you can make money in any kind of market without taking lot of risk but by following simple strategy? If the answer is no then read on:
  • Do you know that you can earn good return of 20-25% per annum without taking lot of risks if you understand Business Cycles?
  • Do you know that 80% of option traders earn money by writing Call or Put Options?
  • Do you know how to find Multi-Bagger stocks which can double your money?
  • Do you have a trading system which wins for 80% of the times?
  • Do you know how expert traders trade in Market and make consistent profits?
If your answer is "No" to any of the above questions then View Sample Slides. Once you are convinced then subscribe for premium subscription, where in you will receive 500 slides with all the answers which you need to know.

What is the need of subscription of 100 mailers with 500 slides:-

Q:- What is the time and duration of receiving mailers?

A:- You will receive 1 mailer having 5 slides each for 100 days totaling to 500 slides.

Q:- I trade in Nifty. How many slides are there for techniques in Nifty Trading?

A:- More than 25 slides are there for Nifty trading techniques and strategies.

Q:- May I know other topics of trading/investing which have more than 25 slides?

A:- Yes.Smallcaps, Midcaps, Largecaps, Multibaggers, Futures, Options, Intraday, Penny Stocks, Seasonal Stocks etc are other topics having more than 25 slides each.

Q:- Will I receive slides on technical analysis too?

A:- Yes, of course. There are a number of slides on technical analysis, but we focused on those points only which are simple to understand and proved to be beneficial in trading /investing in past.For example Moving Averages, Pivot Points, RSI etc.

Q:- What about slides on fundamental analysis?

A:- Slides related with EPS, PE Ratio, Quarterly results, Book Value, Shareholding Pattern, Dividend Yield, Pledged Shares etc will give you practical knowledge to check fundamentals of a stock as never before. We have made our best efforts to give maximum knowledge on different aspects of stock market in a simple way, so that every subscriber may be able to understand and work over it with great success.

Q:- Although, there seems to be bundling of all necessary information in these 500 slides, why the subscription charges are just Rs.5000 whereas other similar service providers have higher rates for even single aspect?

A:- We have made these slides after years of research on stock market behaviour & trends, psychology of traders/investors, sectors movement, seasonal stocks, applicable principles of fundamental/technical analysis etc. As far as subscription charges are concerned, always tries to give more value in less consideration to its subscribers.

Q:- Do the slides also contain any information about Mutual Funds and IPOs?

A:- Yes. There is relevant information in slides that contain main points which should be checked in new IPO's as well as how to check good stocks avaliable at discounted prices from IPO prices after 1-2 years of listing. There is also information over locating of good stocks from portfolios of multiple mutual fund schemes.

Q:- How am I going to get benefitted by these slides?

A:- These slides will give you immense knowledge about trading/investing in stock market in a simple and interseting way. By rectifying your weak points in trading/investing, these slides will enable you to be a smart trader/investor.

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